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Quantum Case for God by Dennis Zetting

Join us every Tuesday at 7:00 CST  as we talk to Dennis Zetting,  author of “A Quantum Case for God”  There is NO Charge for attending.  NOTE: SEND NAME & EMAIL TO: to attend.

Dennis Zetting is married to Randi and has two adult children, Tyler and Hanna. Dennis is the founder of Quantum Creation Ministries located in Lynden Washington.  Dennis attended Trinity Western University in British Columbia Canada and is a member of the American Scientific Association (ASA); a membership of Christians in the fields of science.

Dennis has spent the last decade and a half researching the bizarre world of quantum physics, specifically photon particles of light, and discovering how science has overwhelming support for the existence of God. In fact, according to Biblical scriptures and science, God as the creator and sustainer of everything in the universe is by far and away the best explanation for our existence. Dennis has written, A Quantum Case for God and is working on his second book.

Dennis has discovered that science isn’t in conflict with God nor does science make God smaller. Science searches for truth and since God is the creator of the universe, everything discovered in science is revealing glimpses of God and the best way to explain God at work is through quantum physics. Understanding how God is actively involved within His creation in every area, from the beginning of creation, to originating life on earth, to creating every individual lifeform, brings inspiration to our faith. Be ready to see God everywhere you look.  

Dennis’ journey with quantum physics has deepened his faith so much that he is now able to ascend to heaven and live more fully as his wholeness of flesh and spirit. Why wait till we die to experience the wonder of our existence in heaven? Dennis says we should experience it now. Quantum physics has shattered the world’s narrative on what reality is, and has been the vehicle that has transitioned Dennis’ ability to go into a deeper relationship with God and himself. 

Although the Tuesday night Zoom meetings with Dennis are free, we still accept donations to support the cost of keeping the websites up and running.  We appreciate your donations!

Thank you!