Quantum Spirituality
Quantum Spirituality

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Quantum is a Latin word for the amount.  In today’s world, it is generally understood to mean the smallest unit of any physical property, such as matter or energy.  Back in the 1900’s Max Plank first used the word quanta to describe a unit of energy. 

Years ago, most scientists viewed matter as separate from energy.  I am sure we all heard that matter could not be created or destroyed in our classes in school. By the same token, we were also taught that atoms consisted of protons, electrons, and neutrons.  Most of the time, anything beyond that was disregarded in class, and we didn’t ask. 

Years ago, spirituality was a word saved for life after death.  Most people seemed to think it was a  “new age” or a “church” word, and closed their ears to any new ideas.  In fact, still, today, according to Oxford Languages, spirituality is defined as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

Quantum Spirituality is where science and spirit meet. It is the term best used to describe the realization that there is one field of energy that connects matter and spirit. In Quantum Spirituality, we realize that all creation is connected, matter and energy, body and soul, the spiritual and material world.  All is one.